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The second invite was to stop a moment and think:

Having an appointment, the others are late. I collected the answers you kindly sent to me, here are the results:

Incredulous - Late again, are you kidding? 9%

Indifferent - I just 'be'. 15%

Helpless - It is what it is. 6%

Furious - I should have known better! 9%

Alert - I check every car/face passing by. 25%

Distracted - I focus on something else. 6%

Nervous - Did something bad happen? 6%

Bored - I could be somewhere else, having a snack. 12%

Judgmental - Why is your time more precious than mine? 12%

The largest percentage answered:

Alert - I check every car/face passing by. 
The rendering of this feeling is in this collage, very personal yet a further invite to give space to our imagination!

Soul Letters become a Postcards Collection. 
Stay tuned for more!

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